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Here's a slideshow of works I think need some more attention! I periodically raid this collection for journal features.

My Groups

Art-Academy-Users is my Art Academy group! We're devoted to the Nintendo Art Academy games and art created with them!

LiteraryFanFiction is devoted to fanfiction with deeper meaning and higher quality, and we have a weekly prompt for short fanfics. Most of my short fics are because of this group.

Liwick-Fc is a Litwick fan group I recently took over. I'd love to see it thrive!


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Fri May 2, 2014, 11:11 AM
A pip pip ta didly do! XD
Thu May 1, 2014, 7:49 PM
I don't think you can do plz icons in shoutboxes dude
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 9:16 PM
....Let's try that again, shall we? :iconfurryhugplz:
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:32 PM
Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:31 PM



Tyra Plamen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi. I write fanfiction, and occasionally paint in Art Academy.

I use Art Academy for my art! by Darkyoshi67 Thank you DeviantART by XxchantellexX -I Support Newbies- by Amy-pink
Ghost Watcher Stamp by mylastel Stamp: Wreck it Ralph by Southrobin Storybook series NAILED Sonic's personality by Vertekins


Offsite Contact


Want my skype, AIM, or e-mail? Note me!

Note: Anything cool you see on this page that is not a deviation, thumb, or picture from another user is probably CSS from CypherVisor, who provides all sorts of code to dA users for FREE. :D

Friend Safari Openings

Wed Aug 13, 2014, 8:11 AM
So uh, I realized playing Pokemon that I had like ten people that added me back, a bunch of folks I never talk to, and a few whom I didn't even know who they were. So I just went through and cleared my friend list, and I have 13 spots open.

Sometime this weekend, I plan on going through the friend code list over at Art Academy Users and adding folks on there. But I wanted to give my active watchers a chance to get on first, if they haven't already. Please send me a message if you'd like to be Pokemon Friends.

If I removed you, please don't comment here. You can note me, but you may not like what I have to say. 

My Safari is :icongroundtypeplz: 
It has :iconphanpyplz:, :iconcameruptplz:, and :icondiggersbyplz:

Safaris I'm particularly interested in acquiring:

Rock: Rhydon
Normal: Dunsparce 
Bug: Beautifly 

I'm also really looking for a shiny Dedenne and a Diancie for keeps right now. 

:icondedenneplz: :icondiancieplz:

  • Mood: Tired
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Drinking: Water

Journal History


No Thanks Needed by savagebinn .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Don't thank me Stamp by owleyed-angel

Please don't thank me for llamas, faves, and the like! Thanking people for these things encourages people to do them just for attention, so you'll come to their page and see their work. It's sad that people have made gratitude a liability, but there's nothing to be done.

If you really must show me some kind of gratitude, give me a llama, or engage me in conversation about something you like in the same comment you use to thank me. I am here to make friends, not get pageviews!


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MisterClassic Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I need that "STOP" sign as well. I'm getting sick and tired of the "Thanks for this and that and that~!"
How do you made that?
DecepticonFlamewar Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you have to be a premium member to make the custom boxes on your profile, and I'm not sure, but you might also need to be a premium member to use the thumb codes for those three stamps I have in there. Try fiddling around on your page to see if you can one, make custom boxes, and two, put thumbs in your descriptoin on the profile box!

The actual big black box I got from CypherVisor
storykeeper03 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hey long time no see, i'm sorry to bother you with this but my friend found some 'ban anime'petition and i think something might not bne right about this so i wanted to ask what you thought of it cause i'm not sure if it was possible or not. here's a link to the journal… i just want to know if anyone should take action or if it's something to not worry too much about.
DecepticonFlamewar Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, so, first up, I'm American and I'm certified to teach in America. I don't know a lot about the particular freedom of speech legislation in either Japan or Australia. But...

Banning anime or manga in the US outright is impossible because of the first amendment on free expression. Things that have certain kinds of sexual content can be "banned" because of obscenity laws, but that only covers certain kinds of distribution. You can also keep things off broadcast TV, but you can show almost anything on cable or satellite. But the US isn't relevant here. It's just all I know. 

Australia has much tougher rules on violent and obscene content and fewer protections on free speech than the U.S. because of the way their constitution is set up. I am not qualified to give details beyond that. If you are worried about the availability of things in Australia you need to contact international lawyers or Australian free speech activists for information. If you're worried anime is under attack in its home country of Japan, you need to seek out experts on Japan.

Sorry I couldn't be much help. 
storykeeper03 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no thats okay, you've been a big help and i wasn't concerned with it affecting Australia. last time i checked our government isn't concerned so i'm not worried, it's my friends in america that are anime fans that i was concerned about. glad to know it can't be done though ^^ i found the petition but something didn't seem, is George bush still a congressman?

and again sorry to bother you but you seem to know more about this stuff then anyone i know ^^; how have you been?
DecepticonFlamewar Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Uh, George Bush was the name of two presidents. Neither of them are president now.

And it's no problem. I just wish I could help more. I'm all right. you?
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Adisko Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
ty4llama have1back
Pandachu123 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the Badge.
(One step closer to the Llama Elite Four!!) XD
Anyway, it's an honor to be noticed by a beta tester, and I love your Pokemon art.
It's incredible! I wish my Pokemon pictures were as good, but, as they say, practice makes perfect. I'm not asking for page views; it's just my opinion.
Anyway, sorry about the huge paragraph.
Might I ask if you have a favorite Pokemon? :)
DecepticonFlamewar Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! You don't need to be in awe of us beta testers though; we're just premium members who opt into beta testing. Any premium member can do it! If you get a premium, you can be a beta tester, too. 

And thanks for the compliment on my art. I worked really hard on all my Pokemon stuff, but I owe most of my success to the Art Academy games, which taught me all the things my art classes in school never did. Now they have a "Pokemon Art Academy" game coming out, too. XD But I didn't have that, I just had the regular lessons, and I had to apply what I learned to Pokemon.

You're right that practice makes perfect. I took a quick peek at your gallery and you have a lot more skill than you let on! It can be hard to transition from humans to Pokemon, and I'm not fully comfortable with my progress there, but I found what helped me most was learning about construction shapes. Keep working on it, and I'm sure you'll surpass me easily. My art teacher in high school more or less told me I was hopeless, so if you have even a modicum of talent, a little hard work will take you far.

My favorite Pokemon is actually Mewtwo. It's hard to tell because I like Starmie a lot, too, but... :) I assume yours is Pikachu?
Pandachu123 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I do, but there isn't a Pokemon I truly dislike. I just like some more than others. ^^
Mewtwo is an amazing Pokemon. I didn't like when they changed it to a female in the last movie it was in... I grew up with Mewtwo being male and Mew sounding female from the first movie.
Also, I'm very excited for Pokemon Art Academy, too, and I hope I'll be able to get it when it comes out. It'll really help make my drawings more professional, since the best I've got is the Comic Workshop on the 3DS, and I also appreciate the compliment on my art as well. Stuff like that really boosts my confidence. I don't know why, but I don't have a lot of self-confidence when it comes to certain things. ^^;
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